August 1, 2016

Rules and Regulations

  • Participants must be 14-years old or over.
  • Each participant (guardian if under age 18) must sign a release and liability waiver.
  • Each team must have 5 people to a team who actually race (4 runners, 1 rider and alternate, just in case).
  • Rider must sit or lay flat on bed NO STANDING.   Rider must be on the bed as long as the bed is in motion an may not help at any time in the propulation of the bed.  If rider falls off, bed must come to complete stop until rider is back on.
  • Rider must wear helmet.
  • No open toe shoes.
  • No sleeping during race.
  • No snoring during race.
  • No alcohol.
  • No braking devices allowed.
  • No steering devices.
  • Bed may have push bars not extending more than 4 inches out.  Nothing sharp may be part of the bed.
  • Pushing the bed only during the race.  No pulling. NO MOTORS.
  • Any size wheels are permitted – bed must have minimum of 4 wheels one in each corner, all must touch the ground (2 stationary, 2 moving).
  • All beds should have started as actual beds.
  • All beds must be decorated (there is a contest of best decorated and great prizes!)
  • All 5 team members must pass the finish line (with bed) in order to win
  • Team number must be displayed on bed (will receive when registered)
  • All beds will be inspected for compliance with the rules before allowed to enter a race.  Beds that do not pass inspection will have an opportunity for correction.  If correction cannot or is not made, the team will be disqualified with NO REFUND or registration fee.
  • Two beds will race at a time.  Best of 8 top times, in pairs of two, for the single best time.